A Gym with a difference !

Often, people think about exercising as another routine work that is open to choice. This assumption leads you to walk into any gym with a very blurred idea of what exactly you’re going to achieve there! Have you looked at a machine in your gym and asked yourself, “Is this the right exercise for me?” or “Is this the right weight I should be using?” These questions are important. Unfortunately, even gym instructors are trained to give out training sequences without customizing them to your current fitness level. In short, you’re using the trial and error method of exercising on the only body you have. Let’s take a look at some common workout errors that you might be committing at your gym…


001Wrong Adjustment of Machine

In traditional fitness setups, one needs to adjust the machine settings manually before beginning the workout. It is seen that most of the times, members are not fully aware of the needs of their body, and end up using the wrong settings. Did you know that wrong settings on a simple treadmill can put harmful pressure on your joints? Every fitness professional knows that using wrong adjustments of equipment is a sure-fire recipe for serious injuries.


005 Uncontrolled movementsUncontrolled Movements

How many people who go to gym know that involuntary muscle movements during exercise – commonly thought of as simple muscle twitches or cramps – are not to be taken lightly? It is observed in traditional gyms that often people even ignore spasms that come regularly undergoing a fitness routine. Muscle fatigue, stress, dehydration and an electrolyte imbalance, and a lack of the right warmup are the common reasons for this. Few gymnasiums have experts who can debrief member on when is it time to take that twitching muscle seriously.


004_ Wrong choice of weightsWrong Choice of Weights

Often, fitness routines are taken without full knowledge of one’s body’s existing strength. Overambitious fitness enthusiasts go for heavy strength training workouts, challenging their body’s present capacity to take stress. There is strong data that suggests that most of the serious injuries in fitness are caused by the wrong choice of weights, and exacerbated by impulsive increments in both weight quantum and repetitions. It is important to consult a qualified Physio who can mathematically guide you to the ideal weight to use, whether in a cardio workout or in strength training.


002_ Exercising at the wrong heart reatExercising at the Wrong Heart Rate

Does you gym instructor care to track your heart rate during workouts? If not, then you’re treading dangerous territory! Exercising (and Resting) at the wrong Heart Rate can lead to either pushing yourself too much or too less – both of which are not safe and are a major obstacle in attaining your health objectives. The intensity of exercise and the ideal heart rate for each exercise needs to be seen subjectively, and not generalized at all. Expert analysis is the only way to avoid pushing your heart over the edge, risking serious, if not permanent, damage.


003_Rest periods too longRest Periods Too Long

Traditional fitness routines focus on exercise as challenging yourself non-analytically. Often, enthusiastic members rest too less leading to fatigue. But it has been found out that the most important reason for failure in meeting fitness objectives is resting your muscles too long between two exercises. Ideally, the rest period should be just enough to restore the capacity of your muscles to get challenged for an incremental exercise in the next session. For every additional second after the ideal rest time, the energy stores within your muscles deplete, decreasing your body’s ability to work at higher levels of intensity.