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What is Body Age?

Have you seen elderly people, who look ever-fit, ever-energetic and don’t seem to be aging? Have you wondered why? Well, in Fitness terminology, this simply means that their Biological Age is lesser than their Physical Age or Body Age!

While physical age is based on birth, Biological Age defines how fit your body is in terms of aerobic fitness, muscular strength, and flexibility. As a thumb rule, the lesser your Body Age, the more fit you are. Often, “good genes”, “attitude” or even “luck” are the reasons put forward for low body age. But research shows that the right kind of exercise routine, nutrition and lifestyle can help anybody become younger for their years and pull the brakes on aging!


Higher Body Age – could it be dangerous?

To reach a straight answer, take some questions:

Do you look older than you should?

Are you easily tired by work and routine chores?

Do you feel irritable throughout the week?

Do you visit your doctor too frequently for bodily discomfort or pain?

Do you pass weekdays in stress, and want to stay put on weekends?

If most of your answers to the above are affirmative, then these are some of the preliminary signs of a higher body age. What higher body age does is, it doesn’t let your body function at its real potential. It makes your muscles vulnerable to injuries, leads to lesser immunity against diseases, and turns you into an easy victim for stress and BP-related disorders. So it’s time to take a moment to think whether you should neglect your body’s needs any longer, and search for ways to reverse it.


Fountain of Youth@OXYFIT!

At Oxyfit Premium Fitness Club, we have equipment that can give you a guideline to perfect fitness and better quality of life in less than an hour… 45 Minutes to be exact! At Oxyfit, we conduct a thorough fitness assessment of your body on various fronts:

Body Composition (Lean Body Weight, Fat Percentage, etc.)

Cardiovascular Fitness

Blood Pressure

Muscular Strength

Body Flexibility


We generate a detailed report from the data, showing your body’s strengths, weaknesses, limitations and requirements. The report also shows your Body Age so that you know the precise health status of your body. With the facts in place, it’s time for your Physiotherapist at Oxyfit to prescribe an exercise routine along with specific advice on lifestyle and diet to suit the fitness needs of your body. This is your Personal Training Program aimed to lower your body age steadily and surely.


So now you know that the age of your body has technically nothing to do with how young it can be! If you want to know your body age and find out how to keep your body in the best possible shape, all you have to do is drop by at Oxyfit Premium Fitness Club for a quick hour-long test. It’s really time you said a final goodbye to your stress and worries, and got ready for compliments!