A Gym with a difference !

Why to spend hours for workout in a ordinary Gym? Just 17.5 minutes at Oxyfit & you are done with your workout.

Stopwatch If you are one of those who refuse to accept anything less than the best and highest standards in fitness training, then you’ll feel at home with Oxyfit Premium Fitness Club. A full-body rapidfire 17.5 minute workout is part of that unique experience! What’s amazing is that the sequence of is effective not just for fitness training, but for Rehab Therapies too!


The Circuit of Life!

An award-winning innovative set of 12 machines, the Milon Strength Endurance Circuit (MSEC) exercises all major muscle groups as well as the Cardio-Vascular system. Thanks to pre-programmed workout sequences and equipment settings, you don’t need a Personal Instructor or a Training Partner when you work out on this cutting edge fitness tech. Whether your requirement is enhancement of strength and endurance, weight loss / gain, physiotherapy or other, Oxyfit’s Milon circuit delivers a power-packed session that gives you more exercise per breath! It gives you need to work out just 3 times per week on a Milon

Healthy Automation!

Oxyfit’s Milon training equipment utilizes latest technology along with Smart Card controls. That means the entire system adapts your unique fitness goal, not the other way round! You have the freedom to select different levels of resistance for eccentric and concentric motions to suit your fitness levels. So, whether you are a growing teen or a mid-age professional, you can safely expect increased muscular strength, increased cardiac health and at least 30% higher training efficiency as compared to traditional gyms & very important it stores your data when working out which helps you for evaluation & designing your future workouts.

At Oxyfit Premium Fitness Club, we have fused together the result of the latest findings in Sports Science and advanced engineering expertise, so that you train better, feel better, and live better. To get a taste of the experience, hop into the circuit. Set out on your way to fitness utopia!