A Gym with a difference !

Every body is different. So how can workouts be the same?
100% personalization. 0% workout errors. Enter Oxyfit Premium Fitness Club!


smart_cardGet Smarty!

At Oxyfit Premium Fitness Club, our aim is to hand over your health into your own hands! That’s why every Oxyfit member holds a Smart Card – your ticket to a personalized fitness experience. This unique technology stores complete data about your body, along with customized machine settings programmed to perfection. By simply inserting your Smart Card, the Milon’s 12-machine setup automatically adapts to your comfort, and helps you achieve your fitness goals comfortably, and without any technical glitches.

Oxyfit’s Smart Card – What’s on it?

Well, it’s a piece of cake really. In a careful meeting with our certified Physio Instructor, you figure out a fitness goal, considering your age, body type, fitness level and lifestyle. Next comes the first session, where you actually work on the circuit. Your trainer enters your detailed physical profile, and stores the most comfortable and effective equipment settings in your Smart Card. For instance, Seat Position, Movement Amplitudes, Pulse Rate, Repetitions, Weight Preferences, etc. Your workout is now programmed!

How exactly does SMART work?

Well, during each session, you simply insert your Smart Card once on the main console, so that the entire 12-machine circuit resets itself to your particular necessities. Every time you pump on the circuit, your Smart Card stores it, creating a ready database of your fitness level for future reference. And what if you want to upgrade your fitness goals to achieve higher fitness levels? One more workout session with Oxyfit’s training expert and it’s reprogrammed. That’s all there is to it!

Thanks to Smart Card technology, Oxyfit Premium Fitness Club can help you store, analyse and measure the rise in your fitness levels in black and white print. And with absolute surety, besides! You with precise Workout Statistics that are absolutely critical while planning your next fitness frontier. Your entire health fits in just one sleek electronic card. Pump Hard! Pump SMART!