A Gym with a difference !

At Oxyfit Premium Fitness Club, we believe that Fitness,

like Success, is a personal thing.

It’s not just about a workout or a diet plan that you follow religiously. It’s about giving your body and mind a strong constant incentive to take up challenges. To motivate yourself and achieve results that you can feel in your blood! It’s about knowing your body’s strengths, and having the courage to pump beyond your limitations. Fitness is happy exercise, not forced exhaustion! It’s for this reason that Oxyfit Premium Fitness Club utilizes leading edge fitness technology that actually shows you quick results, without wasting your time.


Ambience does matter!

Oxyfit’s uniqueness begins with its location itself! Our setup in the happening Town Center of Amanora Park is neatly divided into two sections. A hip wooden-floored Multi-purpose Hall where our members warm up and cool down before they head to the 17.5 Minutes Milon Area – where they sweat it out on the world’s best fitness routine! A perfect setting for health enthusiasts looking for a gym with a difference! Hop in and begin shaping up!

All in 17.5 minutes! Is it really real?

Yes, it is! Oxyfit’s Milon Strength & Endurance Circuit (MSEC) is a setup that comprises 12 machines that give you a complete Cardio & Strength Workout sequence that yields maximum results in minimum time. An outcome of decades-long research, this circuit is fully automated, and uses electrical resistance instead of traditional weights. So, no waste of time in selecting and mounting bulky traditional weights or in adjusting equipment settings to suit you, and no injuries from traditional weights. Best thing is, you only have to work out for a single minute on each machine. It’s that simple!

Lifestyle Coach

You’ve just one body! Naturally, you cannot afford to rely on impulsive gut feelings when it comes to fitness. At Oxyfit, you have access to Lifestyle Coaches – experienced and reputed Physiotherapist and Doctors who study your body’s requirements and your health history thoroughly to design an ideal exercise regime for you. Best part is, they help you find the most comfortable and ideal machine settings, check your body’s response to each exercise, and then fix your routine according to your specific objective. The settings they fix are locked in the Smart Card, and cannot be changed by anybody… not even by you! Every time you mount a machine, it adjusts itself to these well-researched settings. And gives you the best workout for the best results!

Rehabilitation Therapy

Oxyfit provides effective rehabilitation therapy for those with special needs. Whether you’re recovering from an accident or a disease, all you require is the right guidance, the right equipment to work out with, and an encouraging atmosphere to work in. With tons of experience behind them, our team of Lifestyle Coaches and enthusiastic Gym Instructors makes sure your spirits are high at all times, and your body regains its balance in the shortest possible time.

Janani – For the Mother-to-Be!

In line with our vision to create a complete fitness destination, Oxyfit Premium Fitness Club has introduced the JANANI program for expecting mothers. Along with fitness, pregnant women can get the vital advice about resting and diet for a happy pregnancy and a Zero Complications birth. Mothers-to-be can also expect detailed instruction about the body changes experienced during pregnancy, delivery, and post birth. We believe that happy mothers are key to happy and healthy children. So, Janani lays prime focus on physical exercise and mental relaxation techniques that prepare their minds and bodies for a fulfilling and smiley motherhood!

EMM (Every Member Matters)

At Oxyfit Premium Fitness Club, our core belief is Every Member Matters. We know that every member is unique. Their exercise needs are as unique as their physiology, and their fitness goals. Our approach to workouts is, therefore, personalized to the requirements of every individual member. Oxyfit’s personalized lifestyle programs are designed by using advanced technology and equipment. We meticulously store records of all exercises performed by individual members. These records are treated with as much seriousness as medical practitioners treat their patient’s case studies. Such a storing system enables accurate diagnoses of individual body needs, and gives a reference frame for future changes in routine and diet. Oxyfit’s expert coaches, physics and nutritionists monitor these on a regular basis, so that they can guide the members towards achievement of their individual fitness goals.



Artistic Yoga

Oxyfit offers dedicated programs in fitness by combining ancient Yogic postures with sports medicine and exercise physiology. Artistic Yoga has become a proven technique for quick weight loss and freedom from diseases. Recharge and balance your body, and fill yourself with positive energy with this dynamic workout!

AshtangaVinyasa Flows

A perfect pain reliever and detox technique, Ashtanga Vinyasa is based on the powerful Ashtanga Yoga of ancient India. The technique aligns the flow of breath with the movements of the body while switching from one yogic posture to another. The method is known to improve focus as well as relieve stress. So, tune in to your body. Let life flow!

Hatha Yoga

Practiced in India for over 5 centuries; Hatha Yoga is all about perfecting your body, and disciplining it through various yoga asana (postures). The system leads to every cell, tissue and muscle in the body get purified, and hence boosts the body’s ability to rejuvenate itself. It is known to promote longevity, and is also recommended as a preparatory stage for higher spiritual practices.

Power Yoga

Closely modeled on the Ashtanga Yoga method, Power Yoga emphases strength and flexibility with rigorous workouts. In fact, Power Yoga prescribes intense full-body workouts that increases stamina, tones your body, promotes mental stability and concentration. It has been seen as a great training method for athletes.


Practiced by sages of India since times immemorial, the technique of Pranayama aids control and extention of the prana (vital energy or breath) to achieve a healthy body and calm mind. While all types of Pranayama are helpful, it is recommended that this extremely advanced technique be practiced under the guidance of an able instructor. Oxyfit has a team of yoga experts who understand your body’s condition before prescribing the type of Pranayama.

Kriyas & Shatkarmas

An integral part of Hatha Yoga, Kriyas and Shatkarmas aim at cleansing and purifying the body to achieve a healthy and clean Mind. These practices are seen to reduce and in some cases, completely eliminate several diseases. They also increase one’s capacity to work, think, digest, taste, feel, and experience the world, and harmonise the workings of the body and the mind.

Fitness with Fun

Oxyfit Premium Fitness Club takes its members fitness very seriously. The reason why we have infused serious training with supremely enjoyable activities like dance and aerobics. Group exercises like these add zing to the workout, and motivate members to take up their exercise regimes happily and whole-heartedly. With their mind involved and focused, our members achieve positive results on all levels of being!


Zumba Fitness


Tai-Chi Meditation

Free Style Dance

Latin American Dance


Events! Excitement! Energy!

Life at Oxyfit is all about being happy. Happy bodies. Happy minds. Happy people! In tmes where stress has become a norm, Oxyfit finds a befitting solution with its innovative and fun events that punctures anxiety and gives way to relax and enjoy life with zest and energy. Whether it is for kids or corporates, Oxyfit Premium Fitness Club rains a battery of absolutely crazy and rollicking events that can put you and your family at ease, and make way for the funny bone to tickle around! Oxyfit arranges entertaining events not just for adults, but for kids too. So, if you want to get out of the coils of mundane irritations, don’t just sit there… Click on EVENTS and join the frenzy rightaway!


A Complete Gym

Oxyfit is unique, in that it suits the requirements of absolutely anybody who wants to achieve fitness. Whether you’re a teenager who wants to get into shape, or a 30+ who wants to maintain youthful stamina… Whether you’re a looks conscious collegian belle, or a health-conscious lady in late forties who wants to de-stress herself to keep her career and life in top shape… Whether you’re a professional bodybuilder with really muscular aims, or an octogenerian ambitiously awaiting the next Pune Marathon… Oxyfit promises the environment, the equipment and the encouragement to raise your level of fitness to where it deserves to be. To significantly add quality to your life… and hopefully, add a lot of years to it too!