A Gym with a difference !

What’s the use of a workout that doesn’t give you a real measurable result?

graphGenerally, fitness is thought about as nothing more than exercise. At Oxyfit Premium Fitness Club, we engage a more serious view. For us, workout is a clinical prescription. And it needs to be practiced with the same seriousness as given to medicine. It’s with this in mind, that we give tremendous importance to quantifying the results of your regime at Oxyfit. We want you to really transform yourself, and have evidence of the transformation too!


Let’s Talk in Figures!

After a thorough Body Age assessment, Oxyfit’s expert Physiotherapists design and prescribe a personalized exercise routine that’ll help you reach ideal shape in the least possible time with just 12 versatile machines that adjust positions to your body’s needs, thanks to your personal Smart Card. The card not only stores your day-to-day workout, it also remembers every little change you make in weight resistance, and records every additional repetition you make. It finds out how much every muscle group in your body has worked out in a single session. Every move you make is translated in stark figures. This is crucial data that shows how and whether you are progressing.

Know Your Fitness Levels

Positive change in your fitness levels is a given at Oxyfit. However, there’s a little difference in the way you achieve it with us. You don’t just feel your fitness levels rising, you can actually view the rising strength and endurance capacity of your muscles, your body’s flexibility and your entire fitness pattern on the screen in a statistical software. Apart from being a great factual motivator for opting advanced workouts, these workout statistics help you monitor your health milestones… Not only does this facilitate mathematical analyses of your energy cycles and your body’s reaction to the exercise routine, these figures can be simply printed and help as a medical case study too.


You see, at Oxyfit Premium Fitness Club, we often ask: What’s the use of a workout that doesn’t give you a real measurable result? Providing detailed Workout Statistics for your exercise gives you that tangibility, and help you add value to your life. After all, our aim is not just to make fitness a part of your lifestyle. We want you to turn fitness itself into your lifestyle!